IT Consultancy Services

We provide cost-effective and industry specifix consultancy solutions.

Our competence lies in understanding business and combining it with technological insight.

Vaaspad's consulting solutions are aimed at accelerating the business value of IT initiatives by helping to bridge the strategy-to-execution gap through hands-on, cost-effective, highly mature and industry-specific consulting solutions. Vaaspad provides clients with targeted solutions to address current market needs and key business challenges to achieve specific outcomes in rapid timeframes.

Vaaspad's seasoned team of world-class consultants are thought leaders with deep understanding of the evolving IT and business landscape. This positions Vaaspad to respond to changing market dynamics by offering the right solutions at the right time. With IT at the heart of most businesses today, it’s critical to get your IT planning, design and implementation right – whether you are starting from scratch, reviewing what already exists or instigating changes and enhancements.

We can provide the IT expertise needed to undertake or assist with planning and implementation of IT strategy and projects, from one-off advice and guidance to complete network design and installation.

Among the solutions we offer as part of a package or as stand-alone services are:

  • IT Advice: We provide proactive IT solutions and recommendations on optimum planning, services, infrastructure, processes, etc. needed to meet expectations.
  • Design and Implementation: We can plan and implement cost effective IT networks and solutions needed to turn your organisation’s requirements into reality.
  • Changes and Upgrades: We can plan and manage changes and upgrades to your existing IT networks and solutions.
  • Business Continuity: We can develop and implement an IT business continuity plan to ensure your organisation continues to operate in the event of a loss of infrastructure or premises.
  • Website Development: We can advise on and implement your online strategy and web development.
  • IT Roles Definition: We can offer advice and profiling on internal role requirements to assist with your recruitment of IT personal.