Software Development

Content Management Solution, eCommerce, Shopping Cart, Database development.

There are a multitude of ways to use today's technologies to develop custom, web-based business applications to manage and make your day-to-day business activities easier, faster and more cost-effective. Because website applications are fluid unlike most boxed software solutions, modifying to fit your business needs is easy.

Why Vaaspad?

We are industry leaders in developing quality(no comma) custom web-based applications, like - database interface, video integration, managing memberships(what is this?) or facilitate e-commerce. Regardless of your industry, we can help find a solution to make your business more profitable with a web-based application. The following are just some of the possibilities when developing custom business website applications:

Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Website content editable via web interface
  • No programming knowledge required
  • No special software

e-Commerce & Shopping Cart Development

  • Online shopping cart development
  • Online e-commerce payment solutions
  • Online product availablity & inventory management
  • Order & payment management
  • Merchant credit card processing integration

Customer Records Management (eCRM)

  • Storage of customer records via web interface
  • Update & manage customer records via web interface

Intranets & Extranets

  • Access company information securely from a remote location using only a web browser
  • Allow employees access to sales and client data remotely from the field
  • Give customers access to customer records, update data, request assistance and more
  • Ability to restrict access and privileges based on user type

Database Development

  • Storage & archival of data or files via web interface
  • Access & management of information or records via web interface

User Interface

  • Membership & user privileges
  • User accessible or restricted areas

We have assisted clients in various industries, including:

  • Apparel & Clothing
  • Artists
  • Attorneys & Legal Services
  • Automotive Services & Sales
  • Business Products & Services
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Nursing Homes
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Retail Shopping
  • Trade Shows & Events