Software Testing

Functional, Security, Load, Localization, & Usability testing.

Our competence lies in understanding business and combining it with technological insight.

We provide testing services that span the entire software development lifecycle – including functional, security, load, localization and usability testing. Our company’s community of professional testers from several countries put web, mobile and desktop applications through their paces by testing on real devices under real-world conditions.

We offer following testing services:

  • Functional testing services to help ensure your applications function as intended. Our services related to functional testing include exploratory testing, test case execution, test case creation and writing automated test scripts. We offers a wide range of functional testing services for any web, mobile or desktop application, including:
    • Exploratory Testing: Catch bugs that are regularly missed by automation and test scripts by allowing testers to search for defects without test cases.
    • Test Case Execution: A handpicked team of testers will execute your test cases across locations, OS, browsers or mobile devices.
    • Test Case Writing: A dedicated tester will work with you to write accurate, up-to-date test cases that effectively cover your product's core functionality.
    • Test Automation: We have partnered with the world's leading test automation tools companies to deliver scalable, affordable automated testing solutions.
  • Security testing services to help you avoid launching products with common security and privacy vulnerabilities. Services include tools-based static and dynamic security testing, as well as manual penetration from trusted, white-hat security testers. We offers a wide range of security testing services for any web, mobile or desktop application, including:
    • Manual Penetration: A hand-picked team of white-hat security experts will manually probe your application for common security vulnerabilities.
    • Static Security Testing: Utilizing the latest in automated technology, uTest will review your static code for common security holes.
    • Dynamic Security Testing: Using live testers and automated tools, uTest will search your active code for XSS, SQL and other common attacks.
  • Load testing to make sure your app is ready for peak traffic and that performance won't degrade under heavy load. Services include live load, simulated load and a hybrid load offering that combines cloud-based load testing with live testers. We offers a wide range of security testing services for any web, mobile or desktop application, including:
    • Live Load: A team of live testers from around the globe will test your application simultaneously, enabling us to help you see how your app performs under real-world usage.
    • Simulated Load: Requiring no live testers, our simulated load testing tools create real browser sessions to provide you with a complete snapshot of your web application's performance under peak loads.
    • Hybrid Load: Combining live testers with simulated load.
  • Localization testing to validate that your app is saying what you think it's saying. Services include translation validation as well as full L10N testing that covers content translations, currency, taxes, shipping options and more.
  • Usability testing to help you launch products that are intuitive, clean and achieve high conversions.